2016 June Handicap Results

Handicap Results: Short Winner: Jakob Nelson -35s Medium Winner: Myriam Walker -28s Long Winner: Neil Coombs -48s Burglar: Adam Shephard – 2m 51s 58 runners recorded a time in the handicap today. WWRR Handicap 2016 June.xlsx WWRR Handicap 2016...

2016 June 18th

56 Runners on a cool but dry Saturday WWRR, Processed Run Times, 2016-06-18

2016 June 11th

69 runners for Saturday’s Kapooka run. WWRR, Processed Run Times, 2016-06-11

2016 June 04

Despite miserable cold wet weather, 37 participants for the first run for June out at Kapooka. WWRR, Processed Run Times, 2016-06-04